Extra Drawings
I've come up with a few modifications and enhancements for my project. These are available in a "printer-friendly" PDF form. NOTE: These modifications have not been reviewed or approved by anyone in connection with Zenith Aircraft Company, nor has any engineering been done. They are strictly my ideas. I make no warranties or claims for their safety or appropriateness of use.

Auxiliary Baggage Compartments
Baggage Tiedowns
Battery Box
Boot Pattern (full size)
Brake Cylinder Bracket
Brake Pedal Dimensions
Canopy Frame
Canopy Latching
Canopy Mechanism
Canopy Thumb Latch
Control Column Boot design
Canopy Lock
Canopy Side Rails
Control Lock
Hinge-Forward Canopy Side Rails
Landing Light Fairing Cover
Latch Alteration
Panel Light
Retractable Landing Gear

Fluting Tool
Press Brake
Propeller Tools
Shrinking techniques

There may be many more modifications that are not listed here. Email me if you need a drawing not listed here. Sorry, I cannot distribute Zenair's drawings. However, if you need a full-size paper template for a form block and have a legitimate Zenair serial number I can help you.

I can also custom-fabricate many of my own design parts for your project. Email for an estimate of the cost.