. Michael Mossman's Zenair CH 601 HDS project — Electrical Making Wheel Pants
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Wheel pants I buy a pair of acceptable wheel pants on eBay for a very low price. This is the first time that I've bought used parts for this airplane. These were originally installed on an RV. They were mounted a bit too close to the tire so there are several holes where the tire rubbed through. Also, they were cut for an axle stub installation. Obviously, I am going to have to do some repairs and modifications.

I'll also need to make a third matching wheel pant for the front wheel.
(photo date August 27)

tracing I trace the overall outline of the wheel pants onto a piece of foam. My plan is to make a mold of the outside half of each wheel pant.
(photo date August 27)
Mold form I use some old foam insulation board to make a mold form.
(photo date August 27)
Fitting I insert a wheel pant into the mold form. I stick steel rods through the form to help support the wheel pant in the mold then seal up the gaps and holes with duct tape.
(photo date August 27)
Pouring plaster Once the wheel pant is securely in the mold form, I spray the surface with silicon lubricant to keep the plaster from sticking to it. Next, I mix up a small batch of plaster and pour it into the mold form.
(photo date August 28)

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