Installing the Engine
Engine installation The Rotax 912 S engine arrives packed in a carton.
(photo date January 14, 2003)
Fuel pump installation The fuel pumps are installed between the ribs in the center wing section and are plumbed to the fuel selector valve.
(photo date June 8, 2003)
Engine installation The engine is bolted to the engine mount and the radiator is installed.
(photo date February 16, 2004)
Throttle and choke controls The throttle and choke cables are connected to the levers on the carburetors.
(photo date February 16, 2004)
Oil cooler clamp fabrication The clamps for the oil cooler mounting bracket are fabricated in a vise-mounted brake.
(photo date March 14, 2004)
Propeller The nice, three-bladed wooden propeller is assembled and stored on the wall until final installation.
(photo date March 28, 2004)

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