Building the Landing Gear
Cutting the Parts
Part cutting First, some parts are cut to shape using a band saw.
(photo date July 29, 2000)
Filing the part Next, the part is filed smooth then sanded. It is important that all "tool marks" are removed from aluminum parts.
(photo date July 30, 2000)
Cutting wheel fork The wheel forks are cut from some very heavy plate steel using a reciprocating saw and metal-cutting blade.
(photo date January 14, 2001)
Shaping wheel fork The wheel forks are then rough-shaped with an angle grinder.
(photo date January 14, 2001)
Finishing wheel fork Now the wheel forks are then finished using files and sandpaper.
(photo date January 14, 2001)
Bending wheel fork Next, The wheel forks are bent to shape using a press brake.
(photo date April 22, 2001)
Brake dies€ Large radiused press brake dies are used on the wheel forks to keep the thick metal from cracking.
(photo date April 22, 2001)
Second bend The forks are now positioned in the brake for the second bend.
(photo date April 22, 2001)
Wheel forks The wheel forks are now ready to be drilled.
(photo date April 22, 2001)
Tube drilling The legs for the landing gear are drilled in a drill press.
(photo date March 11, 2001)
Bearing box The landing gear bearing boxes are made from heavy sheet steel then bent in a press brake.
(photo date April 22. 2001)
Box drilling Next, the bearing boxes' bolt holes are drilled.
(photo date April 22, 2001)
Rough hole cutting The large hole for the landing gear leg must be rough cut using many small holes, then filed smooth.
(photo date April 22, 2001)
Bearing  layout The landing gear bearings are laid out onto heavy aluminum plate.
(photo date April 8, 2001)
Bearing trail fit The landing gear bearings are trial fitted using clamps and clecos before drilling.
(photo date April 8, 2001)
Bearing The landing gear bearings' final shape are sawn from the aluminum blank.
(photo date April 8, 2001)

Assembling the Landing Gear
Bearing and box The landing gear bearings are carefully fitted to the bearing box.
(photo date April 29, 2001)
Landing gear box The landing gear box is fitted into the center wing section skeleton.
(photo date August 9, 2001)
Landing gear installer The landing gear tube leg with bungee cord "shock absorbers" is assembled and installed in the wing.
Landing gear fork alignment The landing gear wheel forks are aligned with each other before they are drilled to match the gear legs.
(photo date March 1, 2003)
Assembling wheels The tubes are inserted into the tires, then the wheels are bolted together.
(photo date March 16, 2003)

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