Oshkosh, WI
July 28, 2006
I load N905KM with camping gear and head solo to Oshkosh.

I depart my home base at about 10 a.m. but poor visibility and very low ceilings force me to wait at Kentland IN for better conditions.
Mark Poliak waited at Kentland during his return home.
After a several-hour wait I leave Kentland for Oshkosh. Due to the late departure and lower-than-expected ground speed I won't make it to Oshkosh before the field closes for the airshow. I landed to wait at Watertown WI.
Watertown WI must be a dealer for Cirrus aircraft. They must have had a dozen on the field.
Watertown's FBO is very active in instructing in many types of aircraft, including the new Sport Pilot. They have this very nice Allegro available for rent.
I depart Watertown for Oshkosh but the airshow ran over so I landed at Fond du Lac. There, this little Gyrocopter took off.
While trying to leave at Fond du Lac this Mustang came in. Needing room around the fuel pumps to maneuver, I jumped out to help move airplanes.
I finally arrive at Oshkosh late on Friday evening. I get my tent set up in the homebuilt aircraft camp area. By Saturday morning it's starting to thin out.
I camp beside this Breezy from Indiana.
This Murphy Moose from Arkansas seemed to be able to carry everything that the owners wanted.
This Fokker Eindecker replica was parked at the east side of the homebuilt campground.
This Fokker D-VII was on display with some other warbirds replications.
This little scale Mustang looks like it is ready to go to war.
A Fokker Triplane replica.
An Allies WW-I replica.
Ominous skies threaten AirVenture during my Saturday morning tour.
I win a Third Place in the annual Newsletter Editors awards.
This Zenair 701 taildragger was tied down in the row in front of me.
An RV-8 with the same model tent as me. Must have been a popular buy this year.
Because of the potential for bad weather I decide to head home early on Saturday. This is a shot over Wisconsin on my way home.
I was a little disappointed to miss the air show. While I stopped in a Belvidere IL's Poplar Grove airport, this Stearman put on a little show.
Despite the heat this QuickSilver pilot taxies up to the fuel pump at Poplar Grove prior to a short flight.
This Mini Max pilot will experience the cooling breeze as he flies in the 95-degree heat.
Because of the heat I climb to 9,500 MSL and fly in 72-degree temperatures and see 104 KT ground speed.
I take a quick shot of the panel while at altitude. Everything is going well today.
I take a shot of Joliet IL from 9,500 feet. Or is this DeKalb?

Just before reaching Kankakee IL on the way home there are no more breaks in the clouds. Not wanting to get stuck on top I descend to 2,500 MSL and fly the rest of the way home in the hot, soupy, bouncy air.

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