Hanover, IN
October 14, 2006
Glen Matejcek and I fly to Glenndale Airport (Kokomo, IN) and are joined by friends from Boone County Airport.

Glenndale's friendly sign welcomes all.
I park my Zenair by this Christen Eagle.
Our friends from Boone County Airport gather to watch the fun.
The folks at Glenndale Airport cleaned up the maintenance hangar for a dining room.
A nice Sonex is outside on display.
An AT-6 rumbles in for a landing.
The AT-6 taxis back to pick up another passenger.
Just a few of the many airplanes that turned out for Glenndale's fly-in.
Somebody's got a sense of humor!
In spite of the brisk winds, this guy gets his Kolb ultralight ready for some flying.
This Christen Eagle got as many curious onlookers as my Zenair.
A Hatz biplane flies in the pattern.
Another Hatz biplane is directed to its parking spot.
An antique Fairchild military trainer comes in for a passenger.
An RV-6A taxis in after a brief sight-seeing flight.
A Stearman flares just past the cornfield for a landing on 36.
Everyone waited for the P-51Mustang to perform a low pass fly-by. He didn't disappoint us.
The Mustang roars by, leaving me barely enough time to get this shot.
This father and his two young children try my airplane for size.

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