Bloomfield, IN
July 8, 2006
Chuck Leucht, Michael Mossman, Erick Roldan and Chad Williams head to a fly-in and lunch at Shawnee Field near Bloomfield IN.

Erick Roldan handles N905KM's controls while Michael shoots some photos.
Chuck Leucht helps Michael clean the bugs off of the Zenair.
A very nice scratch-built Zenair 701 with a Subaru engine.
The RVs line up on the field.
A QuickSilver ultralight with "tundra" tires! Check out the American flag on the kingpost.
Shawnee Field is the home of the EuroFox U.S. distributor.
Piper Comanche
This family flew in with the Cessna 172.
Cessna 140
Sleek little Pulsar
F-1 Rocket
Military helicopter.
Challenger Ultralight
Chad Williams and Chuck Leucht pose by their favorite aircraft, a straight-tail "fastback" Cessna 172 with a Horton STOL kit.
RV-8A with a stunning paint job.
After a day of fun it's time to go home. The group cruises at 6,500 in the smooth air for some formation flying and photo work.

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