Elwood, IN
August 12, 2006
Skip Bartz, Chuck Leucht, Michael Mossman, Charlie Westerfield and Chad Williams head to an ultralight fly-in at Westfield Airport.

Just as I board the aircraft I break the stick grip with my foot. Not being a safety-of-flight issue, a quick strip of duct tape gets me on my way.
Westfield is a grass airfield that is populated mainly by ultralights. They fly in for the day's festivities.
We spy this brightly-painted Titan Tornado at Westfield.
Skip Bartz highlights the simple but effective instrumentation on this RANS.
Ultralights aren't the only ones attracted to the fly-in. Ron Lehrman arrives in his Smith Miniplane, "Twitchy."
The big draw at any fly-in is the food. Here, the volunteers are cooking hamburgers.
Chuck Leucht, Chad Williams and Chuck Long feast on Westfield's goodies.

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