Cabin and Interior
Center shoulder belt bracket A combination center shoulder belt attachment and baggage tie-down bracket is fitted to the main baggage compartment.
Auxiliary Baggage The auxiliary baggage modification is installed under the main baggage compartment.
Latching mechanism A mechanism for joining the canopy hooks is built on the workbench then installed behind the seats.
(photo date June 25, 2003)
Canopy frame The frame for supporting the canopy is fitted to the fuselage.
(photo date December 6, 2003)
Canopy frame hinge The frame, hinge and gas struts for the canopy and fabricated and installed.
Canopy raised The plastic bubble canopy is fitted to the frame and is test-raised into its open position. Here, the builder and author gives his opinion: a thumbs-up.
(photo date December 13, 2003)
Canopy trim An aluminum trim strip and rubber trim seal are fitted to the front of the canopy bubble.
(photo date December 14, 2003)
Instrument panel light A strip of LED lights is built into the canopy frame for lighting the instrument panel.
(photo date January 4, 2004)
Map light An LED light strip is installed to the rear canopy frame hoop for a map/reading light.
(photo date January 4, 2004)
Grabholds Stainless steel "grabholds" are added to make boarding easier.
(photo date April 25, 2004)

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