Shelbyville, IN
October 8, 2005
Michael heads to a chili lunch at Shelbyville, IN.

An Extra is parked on the grass at Shelbyville. Incidently, this aircraft suffered a prop strike later that day at an airshow in Kokomo, IN. The pilot brought the aircraft in for a safe landing.
An Ercoupe.
A look at the flight line.
P-51 Mustang.
A Skybolt.
A couple of RV-8s painted in a dragon motif.
A hangar is filled with tables and hungry aviators.
Homebuilt helicopter.
A Fairchild military trainer.
Another look at the Fairchild.
Another look at the flight line at Shelbyville.
A beautiful, old Stearman.
A look at the Stearman's cockpits.
An RV-8.

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