News Flash: N905KM flies Nov. 14, 2004

Zenair CH 601 HDSBuilding a Zenair CH 601 HDSZenair CH 601 HDS
By Michael Mossman
I created this site describing my aircraft building project. It is strictly for your enlightment and enjoyment. Please do not copy or distribute it without my written permission.

Select the links at left to see the my aircraft’s construction progress and to learn a bit more about the specialized tools used. Use the dial-up internet links if you are using a modem or have a small monitor. Use the high-speed internet links if your have high-speed access and a large, high resolution monitor. Both links feature the same content but the graphics for the dial-up side are scaled down for faster transmission time.

Although this site describes the construction of a Zenair CH 601 HDS, this builder and website author have no connection or other affiliation with Zenair, Zenith Aircraft, its officers, affiliates, vendors, or customers in any manner. Also note that much of this site describes contructing the majority of my project from scratch; the Zenair is normally built from a kit.

Beside the usual disclaimers, please note that this site is not designed or intended to be an instruction guide or lesson plan for building an aircraft. Should you attempt to build an aircraft you may use some of my ideas but they are not endorsed by me or the designer, and you do so at your own risk. I am an amateur builder; I have no other mechanical or engineering experience, plus I cannot comment on or supervise any of your work. As an author and builder I can offer one bit of advice: Get an experienced mentor and don't take his or her constructive criticism personally.

And try to have fun!