Additional Information
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Other Zenair builders:

            Dave Alberti's CH 601 HD

            Bruce Bockius's CH 601 HD

            Chris Boultinghouse's CH 601 HD

            Peter Chapman's CH 601 HDS

            Don Honabach's CH 601 HDS

            Roger Kilby's CH 601 HDS

            John Livsey's CH 601 HDS

            Matt Mucker's CH 601 HDS

            Yago Osset's CH 601 HD (espanol!)

            Tom Quetschke's CH 601 HDS

            Randy Stout's CH 601 HDS

            Michel Therrien's CH 601 HD

            Mark Thomas's CH 601 XL

Other sites:

Boone County Airport Association

EAA Chapter 1311

EAA Experimental Aircraft Association

AOPA Aircraft Owners & Pilot's Association

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

HCAA Hendricks County Aviation Association

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board - Aviation

Zenith Aircraft Company